Nondestructive Testing Level III Consultation

Services can be provided to set up your training, qualification and certification program including the procedure to meet SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410 or your desired program.

  • Testing your technicians to meet the requirements for certification.
  • Ensuring that the correct documentation is present for certification and that the required information exists in your files.
  • Procedure and technique development for all your testing needs that pertain to RT, UT, MT, VT and PT along with developing the reports to meet the ASTM or ASME specifications.
  • A review and approval of procedures written by your technicians or company representative can be performed which allows your technicians to gain experience writing procedures but still have the Level III oversight for approval.
  • Auditing of your vendor or sub vendor for NDT practices and procedures as well as verifying completed work prior to shipment of the product to your facility.
  • Independent auditing of your program for compliance to specifications and procedures.
  • Third Party Resolution to problems and issues that arise between you and your vendors or customers.